4SAND Industries Collaborates With Xenon Medical Health to Restore the World

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The world has seen some of the most difficult days in history in the last six months, and a  company like 4SAND Industries is putting out all the stops to restore the world to normal. In a world where people are forced to stay away from other people for the safety of everyone, 4SAND Industries is aiming to change the status quo. The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the world in the past month, and there is no definite end in sight. 4SAND started a sub-company in the medical field to help return the world to normalcy so everyone can move freely again.

In a unique partnership with Xenon Medical Health, In-home Test COVID-19 was birthed to deliver COVID-19 test results within ten minutes. The founder, Max Forzan, who is the chairman of the board at 4SAND Industries, has a dream of making the world better. And despite the pandemic turning everything on its head, Max Forzan never lost sight of his dream. Instead, he worked out a new way to make things better.

In-home Test COVID-19 is the first company in the world to sell in-home test-yourself COVID-19 antibody test kits. Even better is the fact that users get the results of their tests in less than ten minutes. This test kit does one thing – it helps get things moving again. With a rapid test like this, nobody needs to wear masks anymore since everyone can know their status on the go and within a few minutes. Max Forzan aims to take away all the restrictions that world leaders and health experts have established. If everyone knows their COVID-19 status, they can go about their daily activities, knowing fully well that the person next to them in the mall is COVID-19-free.

Max Forzan is an entrepreneur of repute who runs multiple businesses in the United States. He is the founder of DrySplash, the biggest waterless car wash in the USA, owner of GEN TV, a new TV channel with Streaming services for Africa, Europe, and Asia. On launching In-home Test COVID-19, he says, “COVID-19 has changed the world, and we needed to do something. We had to find a way to get every single human to have a real opportunity to feel free again. I’m not in any way against being careful and have social distancing or wear a mask. However, we created a way that you can co-exist without those things. This virus has cut off hugs laughs and many things. We need to embrace a change and make it better!”

In-home Test COVID-19 does not rely on taking samples to the laboratory. Users get their test results within minutes. So, people can test their guests at parties, gatherings, and public spaces. Max’s desire to see everyone thrive safely in their environment motivated him to launch this company. And in the next few years, the company will remain dedicated to ensuring that nobody poses a health risk to someone else. With In-home Test COVID-19, maybe there will be a reduced need for masks and other stringent safety precautions. That’s left to be seen.

Learn more about the in-home Test COVID-19 on the official website.